Melissa Greener

Melissa Greener

14 Oct 2017 Berlin - Schöneberg


Time : 20:00 Uhr
Address : Motzstr. 9
Zip : 10777
Phone : 03023630637
Contact Email :

Melissa Greener has been described as a „sassy singer, virtuoso guitarist, beguiling songwriter and an imposing stage presence“ with an „original blend of quirky lyrics and distinctive voice”. She describes herself as a folk crooner and has that distinct equine quality of being able to magnify and reflect your senses back at you, forcing you to confront, and surrender to them.  A seeker through song, she fixes her gaze inward only to discover the universality in us all; dancing the blurred line between the defects and the divine.  Whether fronting her all girl folk-rock power-trio, duo, or solo-electric, she is at once magnetic, delicate, fierce and tender. Her voice lulls and soothes all the while soaring over the cinematic effects of a sometimes raucous electric hollow-body guitar.  At the root of Greener’s expansive sound are her songs which summon their truth from mountain ranges, holy places, deserts, oceans and forests, or the lonely stretch of blacktop from Old Route 66, to the Golden Gate, to the Tappan Zee.   Musically, Greener’s influences are as vast as the high desert plains before there were borders, before the west was won.